"The Chamomile soap helps me feel relaxed and refreshed! The Lemon cookie butter creams makes me feel soft and calm. I like the fact of knowing that the products are chemical free! Great products!"

- Pam Young

"I love the bath soak! I can notice the difference with other soaps as far as harshness. It felt so soft just washing with it, and I really feel relaxed. This is good, and it felt good. It was not gritty at all! It also smells amazing too."

- K Smith

"Your product is really amazing. No flattery thank you I will be a continuing customer. My problem was dry skin. I was using typical products like axe etc. and it was drying my skin bad, since I've used your soap its gotten a lot better."

-Ronald Cunningham

"I purchased The Lemon Cookie body butter, It keeps my skin hydrated all day from the time I apply it to the end of the day. It spreads and applies well on my skin. As a man,  I love that the scent is very light."

- Michael Glemm

"The mint soap is a great product, I could feel my skin become more moisturized within the first use"

- Damon Lawrence

"I bought the Mint and coconut milk soap. It smells good and made my skin feel smooth. The smell is not too strong"

-Joseph Freeman

"I had the customized eucalyptus soap, it smelled good and my skin felt moisturized the first time I used"

-Will Porch

"The Eucalyptus soap is a great product, my skin feels soft and smells outstanding - I really appreciate this product."

- Eric W

"I love the mint bar soap, it made my skin smooth like a canvas after the first use"

- Kareem Samad

"I just bought the sweet vanilla almond and lemon cookie coconut body butter and 3 of your artisan soaps. Your products are a game changer. The body butter absorbs into your skin it just doesn't lay there, and after putting it on my hands and arms washing them using hand sanitizer they're still soft and I can feel the product in my skin. I am an ICE nurse and the sweet vanilla almond is coming with me to work tomorrow. I have to share this with the other girls. Thank you for a wonderful product."

- Christine D.