About us

As a young woman throughout high school, I have always had extremely sensitive skin. I would try every tip, trick, and product to help remove blemishes from my face. After speaking with a pharmacist, who suggested medicine to treat allergic reactions, it became apparent that my breakouts were due to allergic reactions instead of hormonal break outs. This prompted me to study and research all the ingredients in my personal care items. What I found was that most household soaps, moisturizers, and personal care items contain hazardous detergents, preservatives, and even cancer-causing chemicals. This is where my search for clean skincare started. In the year 2015, my mother was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and was given a year and a half to live. My mother’s passing made me even more determined to live a natural, healthy, clean lifestyle. I received my license as an advanced practicing esthetician in 2017 and I started my skincare business.

Most of the clients that came to me were concerned about blemishes, breakouts, early signs of wrinkles, and overall skin health. Apart of my skincare consultation would be to analyze the ingredients in the personal care items they were using and replacing them with all natural and safe products. I came up with the name Botanixx - because important ingredients used in my products are plant-based botanicals. After the Covid pandemic, my skincare business was greatly affected because I could no longer see my clients face to face. So, I took this as an opportunity to build upon direct-to-consumer retail. My main objective is to provide alternative, natural paraben and preservative free personal care items that are nourishing, hydrating, and overall healthier for your skin. Along this journey I have also made it my duty to give back to the environment and community by donating a portion of proceeds to the conservation of endangered species, using recyclable packaging, and using naturally derived fragrance oils, and pure organic essential oils for aromatherapy and relaxation purposes. My advice to any young woman aspiring to own their own business is to always seek opportunities to continue educating yourself in your craft. Remember that every trial is a setup for success. Look for the silver lining in every situation and learn how to trust, and have faith in yourself.